Social media news (image © Roxie Johnson)

Detecting breaking news with social media discovery

Simply add your keywords or draw an area on the integrated map and let RAID listen and deliver the earliest detection for critical incidents and breaking social media news on global events. Set spike alerts and RAID will only alert you to anomalies and news with building momentum. Discover emerging trends as they happen and get Read more about Detecting breaking news with social media discovery[…]

Get instant updates on disasters (image © Rufous)

Global Incidents

Enhance crisis and risk operations by gaining rapid insights into global incidents using RAID realtime social media intelligence. Detect global incidents as they happen, integrate procedures into existing workflows for an enhanced reporting structure before, during and after incidents. View reports, as events happens – straight from social media users at the scene – before the news. Quickly Read more about Global Incidents[…]

Report on breaking news within the realm of social media (image © Andrew Chittock)

Investigative Journalism

Get the latest social media reports during breaking news events. RAID makes discovering incidents and emerging trends simple guiding you in the right direction as the story unfolds. Gain immediate access to digital rights, user contact information, influential social media users and discover the most trusted subject matter experts (SME’s) for enhanced verification and coverage.

Social media in tv production and broadcast (image courtesy of


Enhance your broadcast offering with comments and media from across the social web. RAID has integration options to seamlessly connect user content into productions, post-processed and in realtime. By simply monitoring a brand, event, incident or publication, it simple to be alerted to content at the peak of activity, providing you with posts that count, on matters guaranteed Read more about TV/Broadcast[…]

Social media for viral images (image © Izanbar)

Discovering the next viral social media user content

More and more, users are posting fantastic social media content with mass appeal. RAID helps find that user content, analysing spread and reach, in addition to putting you in direct contact with the user. With a huge increase in mobile devices and imagery, ‘going viral’ is a valuable tool and being first to discover potential global Read more about Discovering the next viral social media user content[…]

Social media compliance and pr campaigns (image courtesy of

Social media for reputation management, compliance and public relations

It is increasingly important to ensure that social media content is monitored not only to discover great posts, but also to enhance and drive campaigns, whilst ensuring compliance with company policy. With RAID you can easily ensure all content posted through social media is compliant with company policy and maintains the increasingly critical subject of company Read more about Social media for reputation management, compliance and public relations[…]

Gain instant updates within a crisis (image © Garudeya)

Travel Risk/Crisis Management

Integrate RAID into your existing workflow to discover emerging threats and detect  global incidents to aid the assessment of travel risk, crisis and security management. Be instantly updated to the direction events unfold using realtime analysis of post content, anomaly detection, subject matter experts (SME’s) and hashtag extraction. Rapidly gain access to relevant text, imagery and video Read more about Travel Risk/Crisis Management[…]

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Social media monitoring for humanitarian response

Social media monitoring for humanitarian response can be used to enhance coverage and development during crisis and humanitarian relief efforts. Get realtime updates during a crisis from people on the ground. RAID ensures NGO’s and humanitarian relief agencies can keep up with breaking developments in disease outbreaks, natural disasters, hostile environments and country instability. Gain immediate access to Read more about Social media monitoring for humanitarian response[…]